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Universal Design Associates, Inc. is celebrating 50 years of business with its beginning officially starting in 1966.


Universal Design Associates, Inc. (formerly known as Wayne E. Seufert & Associates, Inc.) was founded in 1965 and incorporated May 6, 1966. The company was created to provide building design with a full line of engineering services. The company began its business at 13th & Main and in 1972 transferred to the Historical 1920 Bank Building at 9th & Main, where it is presently located.


Nestled behind an original 1200lb vault door lies over 50 years of creative small and large design and engineering plans. The founder, Wayne E. Seufert, a 1954 graduate from St. Ferdinand High School and a 1959 graduate of the University of Louisville with a degree in Professional Engineering was the principal owner and president of Wayne E. Seufert & Associates, Inc. from 1965 thru May 1992.

In March of 1968, Thomas J. Schipp, a 1963 graduate of St. Ferdinand High School, was hired as a design associate for the company. After four years, Tom became manager and in 1979 was appointed Vice-President.


Wayne E. Seufert stepped down from the position of owner/president in June of 1992 and Thomas J. Schipp acquired the principal ownership and became president of the company. On January 4, 1993, Tom brought Professional Engineer, Ralph L. Pund, a 1971 graduate of Dale High School and a 1976 graduate of Purdue University, on board as Vice-President and Licensed Professional Engineer for the company. Seven additional years went by as the company operated under the name Wayne E. Seufert & Associates, Inc.


With the start of the new Millennium, the partners, Tom and Ralph, decided it was time for a fresh new change. The company’s name changed from Wayne E. Seufert & Associates, Inc. to Universal Design Associates, Inc. (meaning: “all aspects of design”)


After 47 years with the company, Tom continues his role as President, and Ralph with 22 years as Vice-President. Tom and Ralph are planning on passing the legacy to the youth following in their footsteps.  Universal Design continues to achieve cost effective, creative solutions to meet “all aspects of design”.

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