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UNIVERSAL DESIGN ASSOCIATES, INCis the area’s leader in building design, engineering, interior design, and construction delivery; a multidisciplinary design firm, seeing each and every project through from beginning to end; and committed and loyal to clients throughout and following completion of the project.

“Personally, I have never worked with a better, more responsive design group than UDA. I gave you the issues on both the 2nd and 1st floor restroom water closets and you turned the solutions/re-draws around in 1 day! We all really appreciate your attention and response to our daily issues during this retro fit. Trilogy could not have picked a better group to work with here.”


Terry Tracy, President/CEO

JTT Construction Consulting

To consider the existing environment, learn and appreciate it, and continue its story and purpose through innovative design outcomes that solve real problems, create functional spaces, and invigorate the environment and the people in it.

It is our mission to be a team of professionals who can be relied upon and trusted to not only creatively solve design needs and improve the built environment, but to invest in the lives, businesses, and communities of clients to demonstrate our sincerity, appreciation, and genuine desire to serve.

In 1966, Wayne E. Seufert and Associates, Inc., the founding company, began crafting their first sets of plans as an engineering and design firm. The goal was to provide complete design and engineering services.


Over the course of 50 years, the company has grown to offer full in-house services including architecture, civil, structural, and mechanical and electrical engineering, interior design, construction management, and 3D renderings- truly being able to offer complete design services.

In 1992 Tom Schipp became President, having been a loyal employee since 1968, and brought on Ralph Pund as Vice President in 1993. Together they renamed the company Universal Design Associates, Inc. in 1998.

In 2018, UDA ownership was officially transferred to Brett Schipp and Jonathan Pund with Brett as President and Jonathan as Vice President.





Who We Are


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