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Civil Engineering is the design and layout of the site involved with the project. Civil Engineering involves design of parking lots, roadways, residential and commercial subdivisions, industrial facilities, commercial sites, apartment complexes, shopping centers, storm water facilities and utility extensions.

Master Planning

Land Development Design and Consulting

Industrial and Commercial Site Layout

Residential & Commercial Subdivision Design and Layout

Recreational Facility Design and Layout

Parking Lot Layout and Design

Zoning Ordinance Compliance and Variation Coordination

Topography/Grading Plans along with Earthwork Calculations

Storm Water Management- Storm Water Control and Detention Plans

Rule 5- Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Plans and Permits

Utility Planning and Design and Utility Company Coordination

Utility Line Extensions and Layout Along with All Required Approvals

Water and Sewer Master Plans

Sanitation Engineering- Wastewater Lift Stations and Sewer Line Extensions

Street Improvement Plans- Roadway Design

Street Light Plans

Inspection Services

Site Related Issues and Solutions Related to American Disability Act (ADA)

Rail Spur Design and Docks

Retaining Wall Layouts

As-Built Site Information Including Structure Locations, Utility Locations, Existing

      Parking Lot and Roadway Locations, and Existing Grades/Topography

Universal Design Associates, Inc. Site Development

Site Development

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