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Partial Project List:


Southwest Dubois School Corp.

– Football & Track Storage Building

Huntingburg, IN

6,524 sq. ft. New Construction (2012)


Southeast Dubois School Corporation

(Bus Parking Garage)

Ferdinand, IN

4,380 sq. ft. New Construction (2010)


Heritage Hills Middle/Senior High School Lincoln City, IN

Soccer Sport Building

765 sq. ft. New Construction  (HH0607)


Precious Blood Catholic Church

Jasper, IN

Window Replacement & Restroom Remodel

660 sq. ft. Remodel  (PB0527)


Pike Central High/Middle School

Petersburg, IN

Vocational Center

19,207 sq. ft. New Construction  (PC8133)

Sports Complex         

10,804 sq. ft.   New Construction  (PC0470)


Cannelton Schools

Cannelton, IN

Kindergarten and First Grade

98 sq. ft.          Addition  (CS0458)

6,022 sq. ft. Remodel

Myer’s Grade School 

11,288 sq. ft. Remodel  (CE0214)

Junior-Senior High School                     

28,326 sq. ft. Remodel  (CH0215)


Princeton Head Start

Princeton, IN

4,316 sq. ft. New Building  (PH0110)


Holy Family School

Jasper, IN

1,237 sq. ft. Remodel  (HF9810)

Media Center 

2,631 sq. ft. Remodel  (385)

Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools

Jasper, IN

Administrative Offices

9,850 sq. ft. New Construction  (GJ9039)

Ruxer Field

2,448 sq. ft. Renovation  (RF0406)


10th Street Elementary

Storage Building

1600 sq. ft. New Construction  (JS0208)

2 Classrooms

3,117 sq. ft. Remodel  (JS0208)


Precious Blood School

Jasper, IN

21,772 sq. ft. Addition  (PB9537)

30,415 sq. ft. Remodel


Northern Perry County Head Start

Leopold, IN

4,773 sq. ft. New Construction  (NP9350)


Lincoln Hills Head Start

English, IN

6,000 sq. ft. New Construction  (LH9226)


Tri-Cap Head Start

Petersburg, IN

3,380 sq. ft. Addition

4,447 sq. ft. Remodel  (TC9066)


Vincennes University Jasper Center

Jasper, IN

Student Center

20,365 sq. ft. New Construction  (VU8907)


Springs Valley Schools

French Lick, IN

Re-roof Schools (SV8347)

Springs Valley High School

Storage Building

4,400 sq. ft. New Construction  (SV8429)

New Sound System  (SV8949)


St. Bernards School

Rockport, IN 

Classroom & Administrative Offices

1,850 sq. ft. Addition  (BS8554)


Tell City, IN   

36,000 sq. ft. New Construction  (IV7905)


Marengo Elementary School

Marengo, IN  

Kitchen, Cafeteria, Toilets

4,866 sq. ft. Addition  (MS7722)


English Elementary School

English, IN

Kitchen and Cafeteria

978 sq. ft. Remodel ES7721


Gibson County ARC          

Princeton, IN


2,414 sq. ft. New Construction  (GC7422)


Southern Indiana Rehabilitation Services (S.I.R.S)

Troy, IN

Workshop & Offices

18,161 sq. ft. New Construction  (SI7733)

Pole Building

5,200 sq. ft. New Construction  (1999)

Tell City, IN   

Day Care & Rehabilitation Facility

10,781 sq. ft. New Construction  (SI9248)

Jasper, IN

Dubois County Development Center

Adult Day Activity Program/Early Childhood Education Services

4,800 sq. ft. New Construction  (SI8657)

Boonville, IN

Workshop, Activities & Offices

12,170 sq. ft. New Construction  (SI7427)

Industrial Building

28,150 sq. ft. New Construction  (SI8623)

Program & Administrative Offices

13,909 sq. ft. New Construction  (SI8623)

Ferdinand, IN

Workshop, Activities, Evaluation & Office

6,693 sq. ft. New Construction  (SI7316)


6,820 sq. ft. Addition  (SI7903)

List Last Updated in 2013

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