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Partial Project List:


Unimin Corporation

Huntingburg, IN

10,979 sq. ft. Addition (2012)


Indiana Furniture Industries

Addition to Plywood Plant

Jasper, IN
33,246 sq. ft. Addition (2012)


Pleasure Pools

French Lick, IN

480 sq. ft. Addition (2012)


Harrison Rural Electric Member

Cooperative, Inc.

Corydon, IN

6,120 sq. ft. Addition (2012)

3,724 sq. ft. Remodel (2012)


Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Jasper, IN

1,109 sq. ft. Addition (2012)


Automated Transportation

Ferdinand, IN

4,480 New Construction (2012)


Automated Transportation

Ferdinand, IN

10,727 sq. ft. New Construction (2011)


Lawrence County Solid Waste

Transfer Center

Bedford, IN

3,240 sq. ft. New Construction (2011)


CYC Warehouse

Jasper, IN
19,367 sq. ft. Addition (2011)


Superior Insulation Co.

Ferdinand, IN

10,348 sq. ft. Addition (2010)

150 sq. ft. Remodel (2010)


Jasper Engines & Transmission

Carefree, IN

41,488 sq. ft. Addition (2010)


RDM Sales & Service, Inc.

Ferdinand, IN

24,409 sq. ft. New Construction (2010)


Jasper Electric Motors

Jasper, IN

7,200 sq. ft. Addition (2009)


Automated Routing, Inc. – Dock Addition

Tell City, IN

1,152 sq. ft. Addition (2009)


Ackerman Oil Company (Canopy)

Jasper, IN

1,983 sq. ft. New Construction (2009)


Pliant Corporation

Odon, IN

367 sq. ft. Addition (2009)

4,592 sq. ft. Remodel (2009)


Dale Sorrels Rental Space

West Baden, IN

4,527 sq. ft. Remodel (2008)


Holiday World Shipping

& Receiving Facility

& Freezer/Cooler Building

Santa Claus, IN

27,533 sq. ft. New Construction (2008)


Air Ride Technologies

Jasper, IN

31,962 sq. ft. New Construction (2008)


Kimball Hospitality Furniture

– Paint Storage Room

Jasper, IN


Wabash Valley Produce

(Egg Breaking Plant Addition)

Dubois, IN

1,925 sq. ft. Addition (2007)

294 sq. ft. Remodel (2007)


Jasper Salvage

Jasper, IN

4,800 sq. ft. New Construction (2007)


Tangent Rail

Winslow, IN

16,000 sq. ft. Addition (2007)


MasterBrand Cabinets


(United Cabinet Corporation)

Celestine, IN

Plant #6

36,455 sq. ft. Addition

Littlestown, PA

Office & Plant

31,514 sq. ft. New Construction

36,574 sq. ft. Addition 

32,000 sq. ft. Addition 

Ferdinand, IN

Plant #5

5,266 sq. ft. Addition

Plant #4

21,040 sq. ft. New Construction 

4,310 sq. ft. Addition 

New Plant

82,669 sq. ft. New Construction

Plant #16

80,378 sq. ft. Addition

2,753 sq. ft. Remodel 

Plant #22

41,034 sq. ft. Addition 

Plant #4 & #22

42,969 sq. ft. Addition

Huntingburg, IN

Plant #5

31,822 sq. ft. Addition 

54,576 sq. ft. Addition

2,950 sq. ft. Remodel 

1,562 sq. ft. Addition 

Jasper, IN

29,420 sq. ft. New Construction

Decora/Plant #3

Jasper, IN                  

80,378 sq. ft. Addition

2,753 sq. ft. Remodel 

43,932 sq. ft. New Construction

17,426 sq. ft. Addition

Crossville, TN

Dimension Plant

166,251 sq. ft. New Construction


Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Jasper, IN

16,800 sq. ft. New Construction

35,548 sq. ft. Addition

Plant & Office

165,053 sq. ft. New Construction


Crawford County, IN

266,445 sq. ft. New Construction

110,111 sq. ft. Addition


Jasper Rubber Products

Jasper, IN

Manufacturing & Office

89,365 sq. ft.  New Construction

7,320 sq. ft.  Addition 

20,680 sq. ft. Addtion 

2,100 sq. ft.  Addition 

Manufacturing & Office

12,084 sq. ft. Addition

2,400 sq. ft.  New Construction

24,200 sq. ft.  New Construction

11,400 sq. ft.  New Construction

23,200 sq. ft. Addition

9,600 sq. ft.  Addition 

19,200 sq. ft. New Construction 

35,200 sq. ft. Addition 


I Furniture, Inc.

Blackstone, VA

10,000 sq. ft. Addition

Dothan, AL

Office & Plant

100,800 sq. ft. New Construction 

19,296 sq. ft. New Construction 

22,176 sq. ft. Addition 

34,344 sq. ft. New Construction 

Ferdinand, IN

3,270 sq. ft. New Construction 

12,000 sq. ft. New Construction

61,587 sq. ft. New Construction

7,250 sq. ft. Addition

Huntingburg, IN

38,740 sq. ft. New Construction 

61,440 sq. ft. New Construction

74,310 sq. ft. New Construction

100,976 sq. ft. New Construction 

100,655 sq. ft. Addition 

Salisburg, NC

24,000 sq. ft. New Construction


Spencer Industries

Dale, IN

Office & Plant

58,790 sq. ft.  New Construction

9,801 sq. ft. Addition

9,888 sq. ft. Addition

5,000 sq. ft. New Construction

903 sq. ft. Addition

4,662 sq. ft. Addition 

13,880 sq. ft. Addition 

28,608 sq. ft. Addition 

36,486 sq. ft. Addition 

48,773 sq. ft. Addition

6,410 sq. ft. Addition


Automated Routing

St. Meinrad, IN

7,200 sq. ft. Addition 

41,000 sq. ft New Construction


Denny Ofer Warehouse

Jasper, IN

5,184 sq. ft. New Construction (2007)

Dubois County Co-Op

Ireland, IN

4,800 sq. ft. New Construction  (2007)


Helming Brothers Inc.         

Jasper, IN

2,560 sq. ft. Addition


Ditto Sales

Jasper, IN

29,136 sq. ft. Addition


Lawrence Co. Generation Project

Mitchell, IN

Administration/Control Building

2,016 sq. ft. New Construction 

Maintenance/Warehouse Building

1,650 sq. ft. New Construction


Indiana Furniture Industries          

Jasper, IN

9,330 sq. ft. Addition


J. Winkler & Sons

Dale, IN

67,306 sq. ft. New Construction

6,000 sq. ft. Addition

44,000 sq. ft. Ventilation System

Freezer & Cooler       

25,662 sq. ft. New Construction

Cooler/Freezer Distribution Center

14,565 sq. ft. New Construction


G & T Industries     

Jasper, IN      

14,996 sq. ft. Addition


Pliant Corporation

Odon, IN       

8,000 sq. ft. Addition  (2001)

5,200 sq. ft. Addition


Jasper Engineering Inc.

Jasper, IN

4,725 sq. ft. Addition

2,700 sq. ft. Addition 



Jasper, IN

56,664 sq. ft. Addition

Meyer Distributing

Jasper, IN

50,823 sq. ft. Addition 


Superb Tooling

Ferdinand, IN

New Construction


Ackerman Oil Company

Jasper, IN

20,471 sq. ft. New Construction


U.B. Klem Furniture Co.                 

St. Anthony, IN

17,130 sq. ft. Addition

20,200 sq. ft. New Construction

26,867 sq. ft. New Construction 

27,000 sq. ft. Addition 


Global Logistics, LLC

Jasper, IN


110,307 sq. ft. New Construction  (1999)


Best Chairs   

Ferdinand, IN

108,440 sq. ft. Addition 


Better Ferdinand

Ferdinand, IN

4,480 sq. ft. New Construction 

5,180 sq. ft. New Construction 


Indiana Furniture

Jasper, IN

46,840 sq. ft. New Construction


Inwood Office Furniture

Jasper, IN      

17,140 sq. ft. Addition

43,969 sq. ft. Addition


Federal Express

Huntingburg, IN

20,683 sq. ft. New Construction 


Sherwin Williams

Jasper, IN

12,163 sq. ft. New Construction 


Othmar Klem Furniture

St. Anthony, IN

39,910 sq. ft. Addition


Waupaca Pallet Company   

Troy, IN

12,000 sq. ft. New Construction


American Colloid Co.          

Troy, IN

8,744 sq. ft. New Construction



Dale, IN

Plant & Office

16,097 sq. ft. New Construction

10,082 sq. ft. Addition 

27,270 sq. ft. Addition

6,000 sq. ft.  Addition 

10,500 sq. ft. New Construction

10,000 sq. ft. Addition 

20,654 sq. ft. Addition 


Pak-It Container

Boonville, IN 

10,777 sq. ft. New Construction 


Jasper Flight Services          

Huntingburg, IN       

6,693 sq. ft. New Construction

Indiana Laminates

Jasper, IN      

28,800 sq. ft. Addition


Vic Striegel Cranes

Jasper, IN

4,685 sq. ft. New Construction 


Jasper Chair Company

Jasper, IN                  

33,087 sq. ft. Addition


St. Vincent DePaul

Jasper, IN

9,387 sq. ft. New Construction


Hi-Plex, Inc. 

Huntingburg, IN

6,773 sq. ft. Addition


Woodmasters, Inc.   

St. Marks, IN 

23,400 sq. ft. Addition

25,480 sq. ft. Addition 

25,200 sq. ft. New Construction 

21,600 sq. ft. Addition 

31,866 sq. ft. New Construction 

32,688 sq. ft. Addition 


Corn Island Shipyard          

Grandview, IN

86,773 sq. ft. New Construction 

20,640 sq. ft. Addition 


Lawrence County Solid Waste

Bedford, IN   

3,890 sq. ft. New Construction


Styline Industries    

Huntingburg, IN       

14,065 sq. ft. Addition 


Ferdinand Investors

Ferdinand, IN

36,000 sq. ft. New Construction 

33,000 sq. ft. New Construction 


Indiana Desk Company

Jasper, IN      

59,952 sq. ft. New Construction 


North American Products

Jasper, IN      

57,416 sq. ft. New Construction


Jasper Electric Motors         

Jasper, IN      

4,800 sq. ft. Addition 


Jasper Woodworking Co.    

Jasper, IN

15,051 sq. ft. Addition 

15,000 sq. ft. New Construction 


Executive Furniture 

Huntingburg, IN

146,473 sq. ft. New Construction


Santa’s Storage         

Santa Claus, IN

8,750 sq. ft. New Construction 


Stens, Inc.                             

Jasper, IN

5,862 sq. ft. Addition 

12,660 sq. ft. Addition 


Jasper Beverage Company  

Jasper, IN      

11,369 sq. ft. New Construction 


Essex Group, Inc.

Vincennes, IN

4,375 sq. ft. New Construction 


Independent Container       

Ferdinand, IN

63,000 sq. ft. New Construction


Mini Warehouses    

Jasper, IN

6,688 sq. ft. New Construction

3,250 sq. ft. New Construction


Tri-State Box Company       

Jasper, IN

25,500 sq. ft. New Construction )


Stewart Warner Corporation                      

Troy, IN

131,940 sq. ft. New Construction 


Indiana Cabinet Company             

Dubois, IN

45,673 sq. ft. New Construction


Jasper Corporation Warehouse

Jasper, IN

66,000 sq. ft. Addition


Mobel, Inc.

Ferdinand, IN

44,434 sq. ft. New Construction

4,182 sq. ft. Addition 

16,300 sq. ft. Addition

20,310 sq. ft. Addition 

11,431 sq. ft. Addition 

20,000 sq. ft. Addition 

1,256 sq. ft. Addition 

16,269 sq. ft. Remodel 

75,000 sq. ft. New Construction 


Printing Services, Inc.         

Jasper, IN

5,260 sq. ft. New Construction 


Wilmes Window Manufacturing

Ferdinand, IN

9,600 sq. ft. Addition 

8,000 sq. ft. Addition 

6,600 sq. ft. Addition 


Abbey Press 

St. Meinrad, IN

11,200 sq. ft. New Construction 

22,400 sq. ft. New Construction 


Kimball International, Inc. 

Santa Claus, IN

63,290 sq. ft. Addition 


Jasper Seating, Inc.              

Jasper, IN      

28,325 sq. ft. Addition 


Soundesign Corporation     

Santa Claus, IN

Office & Plant

122,000 sq. ft.  New Construction 

113,734 sq. ft. Addition 

100,000 sq. ft. Addition)

100,000 sq. ft. New Construction 


Daily Herald Storage Building

Jasper, IN

5,069 sq. ft. New Construction 


Jim’s Welding

Celestine, IN

5,000 sq. ft. New Construction 


C & S, Inc.

Tell City, IN

11,725 sq. ft. New Construction


Eckart Supply Co., Inc.        

Corydon, IN  

10,864 sq. ft. New Construction 

Carnahan Mfg. Co.

Loogootee, IN

3,806 sq. ft. Addition 


North American Products

Jasper, IN

Office & Plant

29,644 sq. ft. New Construction


Huntingburg Furniture Co.

Huntingburg Fabricators

Huntingburg, IN

8,586 sq. ft. New Construction


List Last Updated in 2013

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