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Project List:


Harrison Rural Electric Member Cooperative, Inc.

Corydon, IN

6,120 sq. ft. Addition (2012)

3,724 sq. ft. Remodeled (2012)


Automated Transportation

Ferdinand, IN

4,480 sq. ft. New Construction (2012)


Lawrence County Solid Waste

Transfer Center

Bedford, IN

3,240 sq. ft. New Construction (2011)


Automated Transportation

Ferdinand, IN

10,727 sq. ft. New Construction (2011)


Ruxer Ford

Jasper, IN

3,080 sq. ft. Addition (2011)

1,164 sq. ft. Remodel (2011)


Southeast Dubois School Corporation

(Bus Parking Garage)

Ferdinand, IN

4,380 sq. ft. New Construction (2010)


Cave Quarries Inc.

Jasper, IN

Garage and Offices

16,275 sq. ft. New Construction  (2007)

Paoli, IN

Service Garage

6,400 sq. ft. New Construction  (2007)


Dubois REC

Jasper, IN

Vehicle Storage & Maintenance

40,453 New Construction  (2007)


MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.

Huntingburg, IN

Aircraft Hanger

17,770 New Construction  (2005)


Jasper City Street Department

Jasper, IN

Garage & Vehicle Storage

15,000 sq. ft. New Construction  (2004)


Lutgring Brothers Construction

Tell City, IN

8,366 sq. ft. Addition  (2003)


Uebelhor Toyota

Jasper, IN

Dealership Offices/Showroom/Garage

43,641 sq. ft. New Construction  (2003)


Kaiser Body Shop  

French Lick, IN

6,533 sq. ft. New Construction  (2004)

John’s Tractor Service

St. Meinrad, IN

5,800 sq. ft Addition  (2002)

Southern Indiana REC

Tell City, IN

Vehicle Storage & Office

11,961 sq. ft. Addition  (2002)


Tell City Electric Department

Tell City, IN


Operations Building

1,800 sq. ft. Addition  (2001)


Perry Spencer Telephone

St. Meinrad, IN

Vehicle Storage Garage

15,000 sq. ft. New Construction  (2000)


Perry County Garage

Tell City , IN

15,147 sq. ft. New Construction  (2000)


Air-Ride Technologies

Jasper, IN

2,640 sq. ft. New Construction  (2000)


Dubois County Tire

Jasper, IN

14,281 sq. ft. Addition (1999)

3,360 sq. ft. Remodel


Meyer Distributing

Jasper, IN

28,815 sq. ft. Addition  (1998)


Sternberg Inc.

Jasper, IN


3,072 sq. ft Addition & Renovation  (1985)

Body Shop

1,484 sq. ft. Addition  (1985)

Spray Booth Building

1,488 sq. ft. New Construction  (1996)

Auto/Truck Center Reconditioning Building

2,160 sq. ft. Addition  (1998)


Styline Diesel

Huntingburg, IN

Truck Service Center

6,724 sq. ft. New Construction


Farbest Foods

Huntingburg, IN

Truck Wash Building            

1,440 sq. ft. New Construction


Winkler, Inc.

Dale, IN

Maintenance Garage

12,518 sq. ft. New Construction  (WI9840)


Meyer Truck Equipment

Jasper, IN 

26,725 sq. ft. New Construction  (1997)


Ruhe Car Wash 

Ferdinand, IN 

2,729 sq. ft. New Construction  (1996)


Bob’s Auto 

Ireland, IN 

2,800 sq. ft. New Construction  (1994)

Huntingburg Housing Authority

Huntingburg, IN

Maintenance Garage

720 sq. ft. New Construction


Habig Vehicle Storage

Jasper, IN

2,569 sq. ft. New Construction  (1996)


Big “A” Auto Parts

Jasper, IN

5,066 sq. ft.  Renovation  (1993)


Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Huntingburg, IN

Aircraft Hangar

8,812 New Construction  (JE9210)


M & M Exhaust

Jasper, IN

3,040 sq. ft. New Construction  (1989)

Louisville Truck Wash & Garage

Leavenworth, IN 

6,971 sq. ft. New Construction  (1988)


Jack’s Frame Shop

Evansville, IN

Body Shop

2,480 sq. ft. New Construction  (1989)


Ruxer Ford

Jasper, IN

53,097 sq. ft New Construction  (1977)

Truck Service Department   

7,037 sq. ft. Addition  (1987)


Parts Department & Offices

1,932 sq. ft. Addition

Body & Paint Shop

1,875 sq. ft. New Construction  (1986)


Bailey’s Garage

Princeton, IN

2,000 sq. ft. New Construction  (1985)


Spencer County Highway Department Chrisney, IN

Garage/Office Building & Vehicle Storage Shed Bldg. A – 12,209 sq. ft.   New Construction  (2001)

Bldg. B – 7,500 sq. ft. New Construction


Storage Building for Mark Waggoner

Brownsburg, IN 

Auto Parts Storage

2,880 sq. ft. New Construction  (1986)


Huntingburg Car Wash

Huntingburg, IN

6 Bay New Construction  (1985)


Jim’s Welding Shop

Celestine, IN

Workshop & Office

5,000 sq. ft. New Construction  (1976)


Hagedorn’s Body Shop

1,775 sq. ft. New Construction  (1975)

480 sq. ft Addition  (1999)

List Last Updated in 2013

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