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St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

Roof Replacement and Parking Lot

St. Anthony, IN


Weisbach Community Church

Shoals, IN

6,056 sq. ft. New Construction


St. Michael’s Catholic 

Cannelton, IN

Roof Renovation


St. Celestine Catholic Church

Celestine, IN



St. Martin’s Church

Whitfield, IN

Steeple Design 


United Pentecostal Church

Jasper, IN       

6,080 sq. ft. New Construction


St. Augustine Church 

Leopold, IN

Front Entrance   


Paoli Mennonite Fellowship

Paoli, IN         

5,511 sq. ft. New Construction


United Methodist Church                          Huntingburg, IN 

3,405 sq. ft. Remodel


Central Christian Church   

Huntingburg, IN

1,044 sq. ft. Remodel


Dale Presbyterian Church  

Dale, IN         

1,280 sq. ft. New Construction



Precious Blood Catholic Church

Jasper, IN

71,421 sq. ft. New Construction, Addition & Remodel


St. Joseph Catholic Church 

Dale, IN 

New Parish Hall 12,192 sq. ft.


Shiloh United Methodist Church

Jasper, IN

7,778 sq. ft. New Construction

6,218 sq. ft. Addition

1,274 sq. ft. Remodel


St. Paul’s Catholic Church  

Tell City, IN   

Administrative Offices 

7,138 sq. ft. Remodeled


St. Martin’s Catholic Church 

Chrisney, IN        

2,744 sq. ft. Remodel


St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church  

Petersburg, IN

Parish Hall

3,971 sq. ft. New Construction


First United Methodist Church

Petersburg, IN           

15,309 sq. ft.


St. Bernard’s School

Rockport, IN

1,850 sq. ft. Addition


St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Huntingburg, IN

Maintenance & Storage Building

4,420 sq.ft New Construction

Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning

9,029 sq. ft. Remodel


Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church

Schnellville, IN

702 sq. ft. Addition

Roof Replacement/Misc. Maint. Items

Partial Project List:


St. Pius Catholic Church

Troy, IN

Air Conditioning                               

5,680 sq. ft. Remodel

Parish Hall

378 sq. ft. Addition  (2007)

2,062 sq. ft Remodel (2007)


St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

Haysville, IN

14,578 sq. ft. New Construction

N791 sq. ft. Remodel


Mary Help of Christian Church

Mariah Hill, IN

6,087 sq. ft. Remodel


St. Ferdinand Catholic Church

Ferdinand, IN



Spiritual Life Center

14,749 sq. ft. New Construction

Rectory Renovation

8,322 sq. ft. Remodel


Santa Claus United Methodist Church     

Santa Claus, IN 

5,057 sq. ft. Addition

25,706 sq. ft. New Construction


St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Ireland, IN

136 sq. ft. Remodel                                        


First Baptist Church

Jasper, IN

21,580 sq. ft. New Construction


St. Peters United Church of Christ

Lamar, IN

3,761 sq. ft. Addition


St. John’s Lutheran Church

New Boston, IN                                             

Classroom, Office, Teen Center and Meeting

9,967 sq. ft. Addition

List Last Updated in 2013

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